Academic Tutoring
Our mission is to assist each student discover their passions in life and achieve their full potential.Find your direction out where you fit with the Excelsior Compass
Our Teachers
Our motivated staff are all certified educators or specialist in the respective field of expertise. Staff Highlights


Private tutoring offers the advantage of tailored lessons plans and expert instruction.
Our class enviroment is ideal for students who learn better in a group atmosphere.
Why Excelsior Works?
At Excelsior, we embrace the unique talents and gifts of each student utilizing the progrssive Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Model, we teach leadership and teamwork through the Harkness Teaching, independent learning is promoted through Socratic Teaching. At Excelsior, students learn to become active particpants in their own learning.
Excelsior's before and after-school classes enrich children's lives. Our enrichment classes provide a healthy, challenging, stimulating, and safe enviroment for children to learn.

We believe each student has individual needs. All students receive a complimentary consultation and placement test.


Our Proven Success

What We Do

Tailored Education

Comprehensive Intial Evaluation


We believe every child has a talent and ability to nurture