Fall 2011 Adult Enrichment Classes


Visit Harvard University and take a look inside the Harvard museum of natural history one the largest collections of blown glass flowers.  Harvard Square is richly historic with building that date back to 1720’s as well as the rustic appeal of its brickwork that is still standing. Discover a hidden eighteenth century mansion, learn about vintage buildings that now house favorite shopping venues, and visit Memorial Hall, its tower's mansard roof recently restored to its original magnificence. Following the tour, you are invited to dine as a group at a local restaurant. While here you are allowed to take advantage of the wonderful food eateries that make Harvard a destination in itself.  Tour meets in front of the Harvard Square Red Line subway station next to the
FALL 1:               October 3                                                 
FALL 2:               November 7                                            
DAY/TIME:          Monday 3:00-5:00pm
INSTRUCTOR:      Robert Ferguson
COST:                  $30 non-members $20 members


On this walk you will have the experience of what makes Somerville uniquely known for it’s lively hip Davis square downtown.  Full of thrift shops and hidden gems you can find just abut anything from a good bite to eat or a handcrafted find at magpie or D-squared.  Get eco friendly as we show you the ropes to smart shopping! The tour will walk in the direction of Porter Square where we explore Cambridge.  We will explore an all natural food store and get acquainted with unique shops on Mass Ave.  Don’t miss out on this wonderful walking tour that is refreshing and fun!
FALL1 :                    Oct 19                                  
FALL2:                     Nov 20                                 
DAY/TIME:               Monday 3:00-5:00pm   
INSTRUCTOR:          Christine Young
COST:                       $30 non-members $20 members


Hop on over to Salem where we discover the history of what makes Salem famous.  Bring you camera as we will explore haunted cemeteries and we explore the house of seven gables.  Our unique tour gives you a nice walk around the downtown area while giving you time shop in between to get lunch or your palm read find out what’s in store for you as we explore Salem in full bloom as Halloween creeps closer. The cost doesn’t include the train ticket or entrance to the Peabody Essex museum.
FALL:                    Sept 16-Oct 21                                 
FALL2:                  Oct 28-Dec 2                                   
DAY/TIME:            Wednesdays 5:00-6:00pm            
INSTRUCTOR:       John Winchester
COST:                    $20 non-members $15 members


Get online and learn how to build your own Blog.  We will teach you how to set up your account and manage posts.  You will leave class ready to Blog.  Learn how to direct traffic to your blog and monetize it.  This fun and informative class keeps you up to date on current technology while connecting you to others with similar interests.

FALL:                    Sept 15-Oct 20(6 weeks)
DAY/TIME:            Wednesdays 5:00-6:00pm               
INSTRUCTOR:        Sebastian Waldorf
COST:                     $90 non-members $72 members


Have you always wondered how to play the game of Chess? Did you know that Chess is the second most popular game to play in the world?  There is good reason to play chess as it helps increase pathways to promote mathematical and logical thinking skills.  Learn how to play Chess and increase your pattern recognition! We will learn all the names of the pieces and value of each as well as how they move.  Discover how to check your opponent and force checkmate.  This is a great opportunity to brush up on your sharp thinking skills and have fun while playing.
FALL:                   Sept 16-Oct 21 (6 weeks)                     
INSTRUCTOR:        Kent Leung
DAY/TIME:            Wednesdays 6:00-7:00pm     
COST:                     $90.00 non-members $72 members  

Learn about Autism and the best way to support children on the spectrum.  1 in 120 children in Massachusetts have autism, due to the increase of the disorder we need to be better prepared to teach and care for them.  Many people also don’t realize that Autism is just a label and that this is a spectrum disorder meaning that it is a huge range of varying abilities. 
FALL :                     October 22 (1 day)         
DAY/TIME:              Thursday 4:00-6:00pm
INSTRUCTOR:         Christine Young
COST:                      $25.00 non-members $15 members


CONVERSATIONAL-ENGLISH LEVEL 1                      
This class will prepare you for working on your Basic English conversation and practice grammatical use of verbal language.  You will master the phonetic language and be clearer in your pronunciation. Be approachable and confident, master English. today!
utoring.jpg image by cmaaFALL:                      Oct 6-Nov 10 (6 weeks)
DAY//TIME:    Tuesdays 7:00-8:30
COST:                        $90.00 non-members $75.00 members
Learn to the next step in conversational English after completing your Level1 class.  Expand your language and master the English language.  Practice with language partners is part of the class experience.
FALL :                  Nov 11- Dec 17 (6 weeks)                                                 
DAY/TIME:          Wednesday 7:00-8:30
COST:                  $90 non-members $75.00 members

Explore the possibilities of your digital camera and learn different photo techniques. *Bring a digital camera to class.
FALL 1:         Sept 17-Oct 20                                                                    
DAY/TIME:   Wednesdays 6:00-7:00pm
COST:           $70 members $60 non-members


Learn about color theory and explore new ways of achieving colors using different paint mediums.
ttp://www.creativityunlimited.com/images/ADULTS/painting.jpgFALL:                  Sept 20-Nov 4 (6 weeks)
DAY/TIME:          Wednesdays 6:00-7:00pm
INSTRUCTOR: Janet Monahan
COST:                $70 non-members $60 members

Paint what you want! Basic techniques, composition, color mixing and glazing will be explored! Get back into a fun art and express your talents learn from our wonderfully skilled Art instructor.  
FALL :                  Sept 23-Oct 28 (6 weeks)                           
DAY/TIME:          Wednesdays 7:00-8:00pm
COST:                   $70 non-members $60 members

Reach new heights with our rock-climbing course designed to teach you the ropes.  Certified Climbing instructors will help keep you safe while climbing.  This 3-hour class is fun and you have the opportunity to use metro rock for a 2-week membership as part of taking the class.     
FALL :                  Sept 21-Oct 26                                             
DAY/TIME:          Wednesdays 7:00-8:00pm
COST:                  $80.00 non-members $72 members

All classes will take place at the Excelsior Learning Center 14 Dartmouth Street Malden, Ma 02148 unless otherwise stated.


Space is limited and we encourage you to register early.  Please note that Registration forms will not be accepted after October 1st 2011 for Fall Admissions.  You may fill out registration online by click here, by mail you can send in the form if you print it from our site to our registration office: Excelsior Learning Center 203 Washington Street Suite 277,Salem, Ma 01970.  If you need help with either please contact us at 617-257-3544.



Due to the nature our classroom ratio of one teacher per ten students we have limited space available.  The reason we have decided to keep our class size small is so we deliver a quality service to families and ensure the very most out of our education model as our staff have so much to offer young minds.  Membership allows you to receive a discount on all classes offered during the year.  Access to Members only events and family activities through out the year. Be part of the education process become part our Excelsior Family.  Membership is an annual fee of  $175.00.


Checks can be made payable to Excelsior Learning Center
Mail all payments to: Excelsior Learning Center 203 Washington Street#277,Salem, Ma 01970.


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