Adult Education

Try something new this year at one of Excelsior’s 30+ adult education classes. Excelsior prides itself on teaching new and interesting subjects, All classes are taught by renowned specialist and experts in the field.

Our teachers are guided instructors who provide each student a specific plan for understanding and mastery.

Make 2011 the year you learn to play guitar…pitch that perfect game...get your degree... change jobs...


Whatever new skill or life change you have been dreaming of, there's a good chance Excelsior adult education program can help you get there.


Excelsior Principles

To understand the real-life application knowledge.

Think, discuss, examine and analyze.

Develop a lifelong comittment to helping others


Language Tutoring

        Quality Language Classes and Language tutoring for all ages.

Children Language Classes

Adult Language Classes


Languages make you Smarter
Learn how?
Have you thought about expanding your language aquisiton and development of another language? Children have a natural cognitive ability to process and produce language. Think faster and use your mind towards learning a language.

Excelsior offers tutoring in most academic subjects and provides SAT and ACT test preparation.

ASL (American Sign language) Excelsior's award winning sign language program Talk to the Hand has received the Best in New England from the U.S Education Review.


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100% Money-back Guarantee

We are positive you will be satisfied with our programs that we offer a 100% Money-back Guarantee.

Our Mission

Excellent Education.

Excelsior Education
Connecting families with a network of dedicated and skilled teachers who love what they do.