Chess Program

Chess Class      Great for Logical-Mathematical/Existential Learners


Did you know?  Chess improves critical thinking skills and builds self-esteem.

Learn to think like a King in this game that provides children with strategic thinking.  Great chess players are great thinkers. The strategy and understanding that children learn from chess allows them to have higher intellect, improved self-esteem, and concentration. Our motivated lessons can help them to make better decisions in all aspects of their life and most importantly children have fun while learning. Award-winning coaches will teach classes from the world-renown International Chess Institute. * Our chess class is very popular and often times have a wait list please sign up early!


Our chess program is currently the most succesful chess program in New England with 8 state champions and 6 national champions in the past 8 years.


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At Excelsior, we offer a comprehensive enrichment program that truly enrichs the lives of our students. Students are challenged and stimulated in a safe enviroment.

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