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Learning a Classical Language

Why Study Classical Languages?


Studies indicate that students who learn a foreign language have higher test scores relating to English language skills. Studying a foreign language also sharpens the mind according to many studies. In terms of academics studying a classical languages may prove the most profitable to learn, since the majority of the root words for English came from foreign languages. For example, consider Latin, everywhere we turn, we read English words that were originally derived from Latin words. In acuality over 60% of English words have Latin roots. Therefore, it is logical that learning Latin will improve your English language skills. Besides improving youe English language skills learning Latin will help you learn the Romance languages — Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Rumanian. After all, 80% of the vocabulary of the Romance languages is Latin.


In addition, to Latin, learning Greek is also useful. Most medical and scientific words come from Greek. Knowing Greek will give the student a head-start in these professions.

Enrichment Program
We now offer before and after-school classes through our enrichment program on a daily schedule. Our uniquely enriching classes are fun and challenging. After-school classes help children make strides in their education that ordinarily are not possible, since most academic curriculum must follow rigid frameworks developed for standardized test.
Excelsior's before and after-school classes enrich children's lives. Our enrichment classes provide a healthy, challenging, stimulating, and safe enviroment for children to learn.
We believe each student has individual needs. All students receive a complimentary consultation and placement test. We believe every child has a talent and ability to nurture