Constructivism Methodology

ConstructivismThe Learn by Doing Approach is a critical learning theory known as constructivism. It is classified under epistemology, which determines how people know what they know. The fundamental premise is that problem solving is at the heart of all learning, thinking, and development. Learning is an active process derived from problem solving and discovering the consequences of their actions. It is through reflecting on these experiences past and present, an individual constructs their own understanding.

At Excelsior, we are believers in the constructivist learning theory. We facilitate active learning that develops better problem solving skills through engaging hands-on-learning process. The crux of the constructivist approach is that people only deeply understand what they have constructed.
A constructivist approach to learning and instruction has been proposed as an alternative to the objectivist model, which is implicit in all behaviorist and some cognitive approaches to education. Objectivism sees knowledge as a passive reflection of the external, objective reality. This implies a process of "instruction," ensuring that the learner gets correct information.