Diagnosing Autism

The process of diagnosing autism is indicated when a certain number of characteristics listed in the DSM-IV (Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental DisordersDSM-IV ) are present, in abnormal ranges for the child's age. Autism diagnosis usually occurs between the ages three and five. The autism prognosis is consistent across a broad range of  studies - about 2% will attain normal functioning, with perhaps 40% labeled  high functioning autistic.


These high functioning autistic generally show some oddities of behavior, and have few or no personal friends. Yet, with appropriate intervention, many of the autism behaviors can be positively changed, even to the point that the child or adult may appear, to the untrained  person, to no longer have autism. This is where a parent, facing a system with many flaws and pitfalls, must not compromise their vision of their child's future.

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