Excelsior Compass Technique

Innovative Education

The Excelsior Compass Technique (ECT) is a comprehensive multi-modality educational approach designed to develop critical thinking, improve problem-solving skills, teach pragmatic life skills, and empower each student to embrace their unique talents and gifts. This is accomplished through an innovative methodology that emphasizes a hands on learning, students are active particpants in the learning process.


Our technique is based on a combination of the: Socratic Method/Teaching, Harkness Teaching, and Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Model. This innovative technique stimulates students and immerses them in one of the oldest and most poweful teaching tactics, the Socratic Method; and one of the newest contemporary educational approachs, Garnder's Multiple Intelliegences Model.


It starts with Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Model where each students unique talents, gifts, and certain types of intelliegences are evaluated. According to Gardner a well-known educational theorist from Harvard University


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