Floortime Method

Floortime MethodFloor time can happen, anytime everywhere.
Finding the right fit for your child is important, Floor time is a specific technique, which allows you to get down on the floor and make interactions at the Childs level. Floor time is a natural and very engaging aspect to teaching children on the autistic spectrum. Many children with autism require one on one intensive therapy and when they are left alone they have a difficult time acquiring natural play routines.  Floor time can happen anywhere with very little restrictions and it has an open-ended approach where learning takes place through experiences. Floor time method is part of the DIR model.  DIR model focuses on healthy development for infants and children with developmental disabilities.  Developing critical emotions while engaging with others helps the process of understanding the world around you.  Floor time is often taught with a child-centered approach and uses their strengths to lead to new learning and expanding their experiences in a natural way.  Floor time helps build healthy relationships between family and friends.

The world-renowned ABA Educators and Autism Architect provide excelsior’s special education program both are separate providers for our autism education program.  The unique balance between strict teaching methods and a nurturing and motivating teacher has helped many students already achieve beyond what parents thought was possible.


Our success is based on our principles of quality.

Our success is based on our principles of quality.

Excelsior Principles

Before we start the teaching process we find the baseline of where your child is currently performing, from there we can assess and talk with families to discuss what goals we will work on, the input of our families is an integral key to our  success.  Our core principal is that we design our programs specifically around the needs of your child.  We can offer the very best and state of the art techniques to deliver training to our families.  Our secret is that we believe so strongly that every child can succeed and gain valuable skills that we offer a guarantee that your child will progress academically and attempt to communicate more frequently.


We provide Certified Instructors who have experience with children but are dedicated to the purpose of empowering those who have autism. 


Families can expect excellent education as we facilitate exceptional programming.


        The Special Education Network is a parent support organization that provides information and training on best practices in special education and autism treatment.

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Our Autism specialist are here to help. We assist each student in our program and provide support for parents. Autism education is the best way to help autism until a cure if found.
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Excelsior offers speciality camps that focus on different areas of student interest.

Autism Programs and Services Excelsior's autism services are exceptional and one-of-a-kind.


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Autism Programs and Services Excelsior's autism services are exceptional and one-of-a-kind.


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We are positive you will be satisfied with our programs that we offer a 100% Money-back Guarante

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