Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Model


At Excelsior we embrace the uniqueness of each student; our methodology for our curriculum is based on the revolutionary concepts of Howard Gardner, a world-renown educational theorist and American psychologist based out of Harvard University.


Gardner's groundbreaking work on his Theory of Multiple Intelligences is an idea that maintains there exist many different types of "intelligences" ascribed to human beings. Garner's contemporary multiple intelligences theory is very well received among modern educational theorists. It moves beyond the more traditional precepts of intelligence and intellectual capacity as described under intelligence quotient or more commonly referred to (IQ) measure of intelligence that conclude that an individuals is born with a innate level of intelligence that can be easily determined through an IQ test. In our contemporary times there has developed a trend of increasing criticism of the conceptual idea that you can define an individual by one single number. We at Excelsior feel that a more accurate assessment of intelligence is based on unique gifts of intelligences of an each child based on Gardner's work. To read more about the Howard Gardner's work click here.