Go Learn: Kids Summer Camps

In a world of video games, facbook, cell phones, and text messaging, the importance of quality summer programming is more crucial than ever. At Excelsior, we believe even though schools out, learning should not have to stop. Summer is a critical time for any child to learn, grow, and have fun. Kids summer camps provide an important opportunity for children to explore areas of interest, meet new friends, reunite with old ones, and embrace their natural curiosity. Children are full of potential and a summer camp gives each child an opportunity to discover their talents. We have found that kids learn best by doing.


Parents should seek summer camps that encourage children to be active participants in the learning process. At Excelsior, our summer camp activities develop hands on learning, which promotes practical skill development. Summer camp develops a variety of disciplines - the arts, business, chess, computers and language. Beyond the skills summer camp teaches, the true value of a summer camp is the values and character traits that it imparts. Camp teaches children to work together as part of a team, developing conflict resolution skills, children also learn to be more self-reliant and self-confident. It is these intangible benefits that will provide a lifetime of benefit.

In a national survey conducted by the American Camp Association (ACA), camp directors reported that parents evaluate the most important benefits of camp to be (1) an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem; (2) a safe and stimulating environment; (3) new friendships; and (4) fun and enriching activities.


A summer camp for children provides an atmosphere in which children learn about living, and develop life skills through working and playing together. Through camp, children develop some of the most enduring memories and friendships in their life. Another advantage of summer camp is the value of improving interpersonal skills, which ultimately can assist in increasing emotional intelligence. EQ is more difficult to develop in a traditional classroom settings, since the focus is more lecture and test-based learning.


Research has indicated a trend of an increased value placed on emotional intelligence versus intelligence quotient (IQ). More and more we are discovering those that test-well, do not succeed as much as those who have strongly developed interpersonal skills. These interpersonal skills involve personal development and management of other personal and workplace relationships.


Now, that we have defined the benefits of summer camp for your child, we should explore the benefits of an Excelsior summer camp experience. Excelsior utilizes the summer as an opportunity to enrich children's live through interactive learning. At Excelsior, every child is an active student in their own education. Excelsior provides a free initial consultation to any interested family.


Excelsior Learning Center has one of the best teacher to student ratio of any camp in the Unitied States 1:10. Smaller classes significantly improve the quality of an educational experience. Additionally, all summer camp staff and instructors are certified, as well as having extensive experience working with children. Well-known experts and specialist teach our speciality classes in our summer camp and school-year enrichment program.


There is simply no other kids summer camp or teenager summer camp that can offer the level of service we offer to students and families. The summer camp experience does not end when the summer ends. We provide a dedicated support staff to provide updates on educational resources and techniques that can benefit your child. This additional support is complementary, and provided to families, simply because we sincerely wish to enrich the lives of your children.

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