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Learning a language can increase your cognition and exercise your brain. From the point at which we are born we enter the world and are immersed in our native language, the tones and sounds are then imitated through babbling.  Children naturally develop a stronger tongue by playing with noises and sounds and then words are formed.  Our mind understands that it has been programmed to where it can decode everything with the similar sounds of that language.  Learning a new language can increase your IQ and expose you to new ways of thinking.  Many people have found that taking courses in learning a new language has helped them to better understand people and cultural differences.  It is a common myth that when you are older it is harder to learn a new language.  But it you learn the techniques of a language and practice how to speak it you can join our weekly group meets ups to maintain conversations and friendships with others how also have taken our courses.  Learning languages is exciting and fun and many times leads to extended friendships, which would have been difficult.  Often times we need to be cutting edge and having another language on the job force can mean you are more committed to your clientele.  Another added benefit of learning languages is that you can communicate with extended family members. Traveling is less stressful with fewer restrictions, as you will be able to get around and ask for things you may need.  Having the opportunity to expand your language knowledge can make your mind stronger.

Our teachers are guided instructors who provide students with specific tasks which lead to discoveries and deeper understandings.
Learning a Foreign Language is Fun!

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Languages make you Smarter
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Have you thought about expanding your language aquisiton and development of another language? Children have a natural cognitive ability to process and produce language. Think faster and use your mind towards learning a language.

Excelsior offers tutoring in most academic subjects and provides SAT and ACT test preparation.

A Excelsior's award winning sign language program Talk to the Hand has received the Best in New England from the U.S Education Review.


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