Is Gardner's Multiple Intelligences Useful?

Gardner's landmark theory changed the very way we view intelligence and how we measure intelligence. Traditional evaluations of intelligence are limitied to measuring intelligence or intelligence quotient (IQ) determined by standardized testing. Traditional beliefs feel that every person is born with an innate intelligence. However, Gardner's Multiple Intelliegences Theory postulates that there are numerous types of intelligence.


At Excelsior, we feel that every person has the capacity to learn and each individual is one-of-a-king, uniquely gifted, and have different learning styles and skill sets. It is only when we accept these core differences an embrace the uniqueness of every person that each individual types of intelligence is nurtured to its full capacity.

Our educational services include academic tutoring, adult education, enrichment program for kids, kids summer camp, and special education. Most of our programs utilize the innovative Excelsior Compass Technique.
Producing an enthusiasim for learning while incorparating individualilty and independent thinking skills to be competitive.

Excelsior Principles

To understand the real-life application knowledge.

Think, discuss, examine and analyze.

Develop a lifelong comittment to helping others


Students have access to many resources when enrolled in our program.



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Excelsior is more than a learning center, we are a community of educators that grows with our families and students. In a time where educational funding is limited, increasingly cut from school budgets, we realize that now more than ever children need to develop skills and creativity in acedemics and extra curricular activities.
Excelsior Methodology

Excelsior Compass Technique consist of a tri-modality appoach.

Excelsior Philosophy At Excelsior, we embrace the unique talents, gifts, and needs of every student utilizing a learn by doing approach.


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Excelsior Difference

Results-based versus Test-based learning

Small class sizes

Individual attention

24-hour Online Support

Tailored lesson material

Student-centered Approach

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Excellent Education.

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Connecting families with a network of dedicated and skilled teachers who love what they do.