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The right brain is in control of the left side of your body and the left-brain is controlling the right part of your body.  One of the first things we watch is when children develop which hand they are more dominate with.  It is often said that left-handed people are very creative and emotional and often times artistic.  This is due to the fact that the right brain is the emotional smarts where you can recall memories and activities and relate to our feelings.  Right-handed folks are often analytical and very strong with language and spatial ability.  We can exercise our brain to work on strengthening our mind to be better at solving puzzles and tapping into a creative side.  The balance of the both brains working together is key to how we perceive the world around us and is able to perform at home school and eventually our career.  It is proven fact that if you are mentally stimulated on a regular basis through solving problems or reading to picking up a hobby then you can reduce metal illness.  Chess is a wonderful game that not only increases mental acuity but it decreases alzihmer’s by 62%. According to many current journals of medicine one of the best ways to combat the aging process is to stay smart and keep an active mind.  Chess not only is visually stimulating due to the color scheme of black and white checkered board but that visual stimulation strengthen your optical pathway which leads to the brain.  In order for you brain to stay healthy you also need to feed it with the correct nutrition and stay active physically.  The more you keep optimum functioning overall then it is easier for your mind to be sharp and do the job it needs.  If we eat junk food and sugar our metal strength is weak and our attention span dwindles where we lose our focus and cannot process as fast.

Our teachers are guided instructors who provide students with specific tasks which lead to discoveries and deeper understandings.
Most people ask are you a Right Brained thinker or a Left Brained Thinker, why not be both?

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