Academic Tutoring
Our dedicated instructors develop skills, habits and attitudes your child needs to succeed in school and in life. We accurately pinpoint the academic strengths and weaknesses of your child. We determine the skills your child needs to excel.
Special Education
Offering Families the best future for their Children
Understanding Our Theraputic methods

The Diversity within Special Education
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Our programs have an element of keeping students "flexible" and socially aware in today's changing world.
Enrichment Program

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At Excelsior, we recognize each child is uniquely gifted, and these gifts should be nurtured in an environment that facilitates a child's natural curiosity to explore and discover.

Kids Summer camp

Weekend Workshops

Enrichment Classes

Adult Education

Are you curious about languages or you would like to explore mixed media artwork? Expand your horizons and learn through our specialized programs which are fun and interactive. It doesn't matter your level as we seek to enage all who are willing to learn.


Excelsior offers courses and programs responsive to adults emerging needs; Foster cross-cultural understanding through courses, collaborations, and other outreach efforts; Provides access to information and ideas that help create an enlightened and involved citizenry; Enlists the support of well-qualified leaders, staff, and volunteers who share our mission


Excelsior Learning Center prides itself in bringing together a center that atends to the need's of a diverse community while creating new classes that are unique and affordable..

How do you learn best?
Our Classes bring you in touch with technology that is new and innovative. Join our fun network of classes and prepare to be challenged.