Socratic Teaching

Socratic TeachingIt starts with teaching not telling. Socratic Teaching is the oldest tactic for fostering discussion, inquiry, and analysis. The Socratic Method teaches students to come to conclusions through an engaged process of answering questions. Each question they answer brings them closer to the “correct answer”. The purpose of this incremental progression is to: a.) develop on a natural pace of learning, b.) students improve critical thinking and problem solving skills, c.) students are active participants in the learning process, and d.) students have higher retention of information when they are more engaged. A teacher facilitates the analytical discussion by posing targeted probing questions geared at assisting students to understand key points.


Students who are participants in the Socratic teaching method learn at their own pace. Through student discussions and analysis a teacher facilitates learning through a guided series of questions and inquiry. Each question is analyzed by the class. Through class discussions each student begins to develop independent ideas and improve on their own mastery of concepts discussed.


Students are engaged; their opinions, comments, and answers matter, they are active in the learning process. Students teach their peers the knowledge they know. Socratic teaching is attuned to the constructivism teaching model of learning and epistemology (how we know what we know). The key premise is that people construct their own knowledge of the world, through experiences and reflecting on those experiences.


One of the main benefits of Socratic Teaching is that students are involved in their own learning. This avoids the common problem with students becoming bored. For example, many children during the recreational time at home, play video games and computer games. When children are asked why they enjoy video games so much the consistent response is "it is fun, it feels like I am a part of the game." Through Socratic Teaching every student is part of the "game", the learning game.

Our educational services include academic tutoring, adult education, enrichment program for kids, kids summer camp, and special education. Most of our programs utilize the innovative Excelsior Compass Technique.

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