The New Standard in Special Education

Special education has evolved over the years. The current trend is training for teachers who are mainstream regular education teachers to also teach children with disabilities.  This has helped inclusion in the classroom.  Classes in the past had been sectioned off and in small corners of schools, but that is changing.  Awareness for autism has increased and there are many more professionals who have training or backgrounds with special education.  Recently our economic crisis has put a slight damper on funding for all students in public schools, which has reduced full time teachers and made classes larger than before.  This has also affected those with children who require extra outside the classroom learning in a resource room or those who require one on one tutors.  The lack of funding has now has forced school’s to make cuts that effect the teaching especially in special education.  The most common flaw I have seen is that some school has un-trained teacher’s aids working one on one without any real expertise in special education.  In order to combat the deficiency in our schools we must demand that we know who is working with your child and if an I.E.P. is being followed. The truth is that we have no control of the economic situation except to try and hope for make the best of the situation.  That is why many families have come to us with request to specialize tutoring for their children.  One of our largest programs running is teaching children on the autism spectrum.  Our certified staff has helped many families acquire the necessary academic goals to be more independent.  We understand that the needs of families are important to be met and the public system is overloaded and under financial constraint to hire the appropriate staffs.