Why Learn Chess?

Learning and studying chess supports numerous educational benefits, it can provide essential foundations for all aspects of life. The key benefits of chess include increased math and science scores, cognitive development, improved memory, and much more.


Beyond the purely academic benefits of learning chess, there are other benefits including understanding the consequences of actions, developing determination, character development, and significantly improving emotional intelligence.


Studies have shown most academic environments do not add significant improvement to emotional intelligence. Chess in particular is an excellent facilitator of emotional intelligence as chess players must face numerous challenges throughout a chess game. A chess player must persevere past these challenges success depends on it.

Our educational services include academic tutoring, adult education, enrichment program for kids, kids summer camp, and special education. Most of our programs utilize the innovative Excelsior Compass Technique.
Studies have show chess improves cognitive development, increases math and sciences scores, and aid the improvement of concentration.

Excelsior Principles

To understand the real-life application knowledge.

Think, discuss, examine and analyze.

Develop a lifelong comittment to helping others


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Excelsior is more than a learning center, we are a community of educators that grows with our families and students. In a time where educational funding is limited, increasingly cut from school budgets, we realize that now more than ever children need to develop skills and creativity in acedemics and extra curricular activities.
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